Military Vectors
Vector: a quantity that has magnitude and direction and that is commonly represented by a directed line segment
whose length represents the magnitude and whose orientation in space represents the direction
Vector illustrations are infinitely scalable without ever losing detail.

Illustrations of Unit patches, Combat Badges, Skill Badges, Campaign Medals, Awards and More.


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Vinyl Decals
We make all of our Decals in house, everything below is produced by a third party using our designs. Naval Parachutist, Marine EOD, 1st Infantry, 1st Armored, 10th Mountain, Special Forces, CIB, Airborne, Airborne Master, EOD, Air Assault, 4th Infantry, Bomb Suit window decals and many more. Just ask if it isn't there.
My goal is to create military vectors of all unit patches, so far I have many army infantry vectors, airborne vectors, EOD vectors, Special Forces vectors and Cavalry vectors. The military vectors I create are as close to the original as possible.


Another goal is to illustrate all military badges with most Army already complete; Airborne vector, Air Assault vector, Combat Infantry Badge vector, Combat Action Badge vector, Combat Field Medical Badge vector, Combatant Diver vector, SCUBA, Navy Diver vector, Rigger, Pathfinder, EOD vector, Ranger vector, Special Forces vector, SEABEEs vector, and many others.


Vietnam Campaign Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, and Iraq Campaign Medal,
Purple Heart Medal, Air Medal and all of the ribbons.


Many of the designs have been used on polos, hoodies or hats. If you're looking for one of those, let us know.

Online shops
I'm always looking for new POD sites that have good followings, these are the ones that I have the most designs on.

My shirts on TeeSpring. Airborne Ranger t-shirt, 82nd Airborne t-shirt, EOD ISoTF t-shirt, Bombs and Bullets t-shirt, and many more including my version of the Pork Eating Crusader t-shirt



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