We have very simple terms and conditions, let me know if something is not covered.
We personally make the vinyl decal based products, patches and pins are designed by us and produced elsewhere.
Other products including shirts, mugs, hats and anything not a vinyl, patch or pin is made by someone else using our illustrations.

Occasionally a vinyl color will not be in stock and shipment may take a bit longer, you will be notified in that instance.

Vinyl decals are easy to put on if you take your time. There are videos on the internet about installing and I have a pdf with instructions, including photos, on the information page. but…

Damaged Vinyl
It will stick to itself and only permanent damage will be the result if that happens.
Returns are not accepted if it gets messed up because the installer is unfamiliar with installing vinyl decals.

The transfer tape (clear cover over vinyl) holds the decal and small pieces will stay with it if you don’t pay attention.
Returns are not accepted if pieces of the design stay on transfer tape and it wasn’t noticed till too late.

If you receive a decal that is damaged, we only require a photo of damage, and a new one will be provided.

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